Seajet Antifouling



Seajet 033 Shogun

Seajet 033 Shogun

£42.13£111.85 (ex. VAT)
Seajet 034 Emperor

Seajet 034 Emperor

£49.48£144.33 (ex. VAT)
Seajet 037 Coastal

Seajet 037 Coastal

£75.77 (ex. VAT)
Seajet PellerClean

Seajet PellerClean 325ml Golden Primer

£78.08 (ex. VAT)
Seajet Triple Pack

Seajet Triple-Pack

£27.71 (ex. VAT)


Rather than offering a wide range of diverse products that customers may find as being ‘out of stock’, or out of a particular colour match at any one time. We prefer to offer a smaller, more concise range of antifoul coatings which still cater for virtually all boating needs and types of boat.

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