Previously known as SciCast International, Performance Metals is an integrated products, tool design and die cast metal manufacturer located in Pennsylvania. With 50 years of operating history, the Company provides corrosion management products, die cast products (precision aluminum and zinc), and tool design services for the military, communications, and marine markets. Performance Metals has established a reputation for developing innovative high quality products in the corrosion market and is a leading supplier of exclusively aluminum sacrificial anodes.

The Company is committed to providing innovative and practical solutions for its customers through continuous improvement of its processes and products. We continue to provide an environment that emphasizes Business Integrity, Workplace Safety and the Opportunity for growth for all of our associates.

Prices correct as of 1st April 2022. All prices are +VAT.

Navalloy Sacrificial Anodes – The anode that tells you when to change!
Basics Of Corrosion
A Totaly New Concept In Pencil Anodes – Secure Core Intelligent Anodes

Sacrificial Anodes
Performance Metals was launched by SciCast International, Inc, an established U. S. die-casting company, that has been in business in Pennsylvania since 1959. SciCast is ISO 9001/2008 certified and has full manufacturing, engineering and tooling capabilities.

Performance Metals specializes in corrosion management and has introduced many innovative solutions across a wide range of industries. Performance Metals supplies high performance Navalloy sacrificial anodes for the recreational boater. Navalloy is specially formulated to provide maximum protection and longer life and meets military specification MIL-A-24779 for material content. Performance Metals was the first U. S. company to manufacture die-cast anodes in this material. These anodes are required for the protection of aluminum outboards and outdrives.

  • Aluminium / Indium alloy is more active so it gives better protection.
  • Essential for Mercury sterndrives – Zinc will not provide the correct protection.
  • Recommended for both salt and freshwater on Mercury sterndrives.
  • Lasts up to 50% longer than zinc anodes.
  • Aluminum anodes ‘self clean’ in freshwater – Zinc anodes form a coating that stops them working within a few months.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Attractively packaged with clear information to aid with selection and installation.

Alloy meets meets military specification MIL-A-24779 (SH).

Advantages of Aluminium Anodes

  • Voltage: Aluminium anodes generate a lower voltage (-1.1V) than Zinc (-1.03V) providing increased protection.
  • Longer Life: Aluminium anodes will last between 30% and 50% longer than zinc. The Ampere Hour Capacity (AHC) per pound-weight of aluminium alloy is 1150 AHC compared to 368 for zinc.
  • Lighter: Aluminium alloy is two and a half times lighter than zinc.
  • Eco-Friendly: Aluminium alloy does not pollute.
  • Red Spot: Patented Red Spot wear indicator appears when 50% of the anode is wasted
  • Re-Immersion: Aluminium alloy works immediately on re-immersion because the aluminium hydroxide is porous.
  • Zinc hydroxide is impermeable and must be burnished off before the zinc anode is effective.
  • Waters: Aluminium alloy is equally effective in fresh, brackish and salt water.
  • Boat: Aluminium anodes can be used on any type of hull material ie. fibre glass, aluminium or steel, without fear of overprotecting.


Performance Metals Aluminium Anodes feature patent pending ‘Wear Indicator’ which tell the boater when it’s time to change. This plastic indicator is embedded in the anode and appears in the surface of the anode when it appears.