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Tecnoseal is a foundry with more than 20 years of experience in the field of cathodic protection, which is the natural remedy against iron and other metal corrosion in marine and underground environments. The technique used consists of polarising the structure to be protected by making it cathodic and changing the potential to the corrosion immunity. This can be realised in two ways:

  • Passive Cathodic Protection (with Sacrificial Anodes)
  • Active Cathodic Protection (with Impressed Current Systems)

Thanks to exceptional anode alloy quality, which is the basis of this application, by the fusion of particular alloys containing high-quality metals in fair proportion, a pile (anode) with high efficiency is obtained.

Anodes are produced in Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium (passive cathodic protection), Technoseal covers a wide range of activities such as: projects, consultancy for Marine and Industrial cathodic, protection system application including refineries, projects and cathodic protection system for concrete buildings and steel structures, aqueducts and pipe-lines.

Technoseal use every kind of Anodes, Impressed Current Systems, Permanent Reference cells in Z1NC/AG/AGCL/-CV/CUSO4, Anodes in FE/SI/CR, Anodes in Platinade Titanium and Silver-lead, Rectifiers, Telemeasures, Corrosion Monitor, Rings of Mass Helix, Service all over the world.

Prices correct as of 1st October 2021. All prices are +VAT.

The Tecnoseal products listed on our website are available for immediate delivery. For the full range please download the catalogue and email your enquiry/order to us. Orders from the cataloge can take up to 8 days for delivery.

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