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Zineti S.A.U. is a Spanish company that deals with all kinds of protection against corrosion. Their products are designed to meet all of your cathodic protection needs. They invite clients to browse their catalogues, discover who they are, and check out the variety of solutions they propose to fight all manner of corrosion problems.The company was founded in 1977 and thus has more than 39 years of experience in manufacturing, distributing, and studying cathodic protection. Originally, Zineti only dealt in the naval field, but soon it began operating in the industrial field and also started to manufacture anodes used for engines and leisure boats.In the nautical field, they have the widest range of products both on the domestic market and the European market. Zineti accounts for more than 600 references for all types of engines, on-board, off-board, and intra-board, and in three types of alloy: Zinc, Aluminium, and Magnesium.

The raw materials used to make their anodes are among the purest available on the market, and are always analysed on entry to the factory. Each and every anode is manufactured under the strictest standards, as Zineti possesses the ISO 9001 certification, which ensures the highest quality of product.

Prices correct as of….. All prices are +VAT. (products coming soon)