Seajet Triple-Pack

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Recommended for Propellers, stern gear and trim tabs.
Main benefits All products in 1 kit! Antifouling in bright colors.
Number of coats per season 2
Can be applied to last up to One season
Suitable for motor boats and yachts? Yes, up to 40 knots.
Suitable for aluminium X
Suitable for fiberglass, wood and steel X
Suitable for fresh water X
Suitable for drying mud berths X
Colours White, Black, Volvo Penta Dark Grey
Coverage rate 2.5m²/lt
Pack size Triple-pack at 500 ml
Technical Data Sheets 114 Propeller Primer for Triple Pack
Technical Data Sheets 034 Emperor
Key: X Suitable   XX Very Suitable   XXX Ideal   X Unsuitable
Hazards of Seajet 114 Propeller Primer Base

warning-fire  warning-throat warning-alert

Hazards of Seajet 114 Propeller Primer Hardener

warning-fire warning-chemical warning-throat warning-alert

Hazards of Seajet 034 Emperor

warning-fire warning-chemical warning-throat warning-alert warning-environment

Hazards of Seajet 034 Emperor White

warning-fire  warning-throat warning-alert warning-environment

Please check MSDS for details.

Additional information

Seajet Colour

Black, Volvo Penta Dark Grey, White

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