Cabin and Heads Cleaner

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A gentle but effective product for cleaning all interior surfaces in your craft.

ZerO Cabin and Heads Cleaner is a really effective but gentle product for great cleaning results in all interior areas of your craft. It is really effective on soft furinshings such as carpets and seating areas. It is also effective on all hard surfaces such as galley and bathroom areas, tiles, toilets, sinks, wood and glass. The gentle surfactants combined with friendly bacteria ensure great cleaning results and a long term cleaning action.

Cabin and Heads is extremely effective in the unfortunate situation such as sea sickness or pet accidents on board. The friendly bacteria will eat away all of the organic soiling which cannot easily be seen with the naked eye. This ensures a great deep clean result.

To use on hard surfaces, spray onto the surface to be cleaned and then wipe with a clean dry cloth. On soft furishings, test an area for colour fastness first and then spray onto the area to be cleaned and then clean carefully with a clean lint free cloth and then allow to dry. For heavy soiled or heavy traffic areas a second application may be required. Also, if you have a cassette toilet on board then add about 100ml of Cabin and Heads to your waste tank in place of your normal ‘Blue’ product and the biological action of the product will keep your cassette toilet odour free and easier to empty.

Refill Pouch
10 x concentrate refill pouch containing 5 refills of Cabin and Heads Cleaner. Post-paid label attached to enable customer to post empty pouch back to Marine 16.

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ZerO Size

500ml Refill, 750ml Spray Bottle

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