Zero Cleaning Range



Cabin Heads Set

Cabin and Heads Cleaner

£9.13£13.74 (ex. VAT)
Deck Sail Set

Deck and Sail

£9.13£14.66 (ex. VAT)
Engine Bilge Set

Engine and Bilge Cleaner

£9.13£16.49 (ex. VAT)

We are pioneering marine cleaning with our ZerO range of cleaners. Not just biodegradable, conforming to Marpol Annexe 5 “not harmful to the marine environment”, They create totally Zero plastic pollution….

How? Marine 16 will receive all plastic back to be refilled and reused or, at end of life, recycled.

Plastic can only be recycled up to 9 times. Marine 16 is attempting to extend the life of its plastic by at least 5 times. Refillable pouches available online and in chandlers also take the cost of the products down by as much as half the original price! and result in ZerO Carbon footprint too!

The Zero range of only 3 products will replace 95% of cleaning on board, it even uses the same bacteria as the toilet treatment for chemical toilets, so one less product to buy.

ZerO Range