Alternator Linearisation Device



Alternator Linearisation Device

Total alternator control. Certain applications require current and voltage control directly from the alternator’s output.

This is not straight forward. The problem is that an alternator produces a half wave, non filtered wave form this is a poor quality output. This could not be used directly into any normal equipment without using a battery as a buffer. Failure to do this will destroy the equipment. In addition, lithium batteries require a shut off system. At any time the alternator could become unloaded fast which would destroy the alternator.

This is prevented under normal use as an alternator is always connected to a battery. The battery absorbs all the spikes to make a relatively smooth linear power supply. The battery is crucial to achieving this smoothness and also allows the alternator to be unloaded without destroying the alternator.

The solution. The ALD fits directly onto the alternator’s output. The ALD absorbs the large spikes from the alternator’s generation system. It also offers itself as a buffer to absorb the alternator’s power during electrically unfriendly events that occur during lithium charging. This product is essential if alternators are used directly onto Alternator to Battery Charger or Battery to Battery Charger without being attached to a starter battery.