MGDUFF provide a range of engine sterndrive anode kits to suit all popular Volvo Penta systems. Available in Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium anode alloys, protecting your vessel in all water conditions.

Saildrives have anodes specifically designed to fit on the gearbox housing, with some types able to be replaced without removing the propeller. Whatever style is used, we recommend the fastening screws are assembled and tightened with a small amount of liquid threadlocker to prevent loosening, then tested for electrical continuity after fitting.
Changing the propeller material (i.e. from Aluminium to Bronze) may require additional anodes. If fitting a folding propeller, check if it has an integral shock absorbing sleeve, as this can isolate the propeller from the Saildrive anode. In this instance the propeller normally has extra anodes fitted to the hub.