MG Duff Ballast Tank Descaling



Ballast Tank Descaling – Magnesium Ribbon for Rapid Descaling.
Descaling ballast tanks with magnesium ribbon offers ship owners and managers a cost effective solution. This can otherwise be a very labour intensive process.

This type of system can be installed very simply by two or three people. It does not require staging or shot blasting equipment. The ribbon is light and flexible and is fixed with screw down clamps.

The process utilises magnesium ribbon. A continous length of extruded high purity magnesium of rectangular section with a steel wire insert. Generally about one metre of magnesium ribbon is required for every three square metres of surface area within the tank.

The nature of the material combined with the long narrow profile makes it an extremely efficient sacrificial anode, when fitted in the appropriate quantities and under full ballast condition. Within a matter of days the potential difference between the tank steelwork will literally lift most of the loose matter and corrosion products such as heavy and light scale, millscale and any loose paint or soft coatings not adhered to the steel work.
MGDuff have been involved in this type of application for over thirty years and offer a complete design and material package. Systems are tailored to suit the individual vessel and combine detailed installation plans with the complete scope of supply complete with the magnesium ribbon cut to length ready to fit.

  • Potential against Ag/AgCl Reference Cell – 1.7 Volt
  • Seawater Capacity – 1230 Amp/Hrs/Kg
  • Cross Section – 20mm x 10mm
  • Mild Steel Core – 3mm Diameter Flexible Core
ballast tank descaling

Ballast Tank Descaling

magnesium ribbon

Magnesium Ribbon