Fixing Studs

  • Zinc Galvanised M10/M16 Stud with fully welded plate, nuts, serrated washers & terminals. For wood and GRP vessels
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel M10/M16 Stud Assembly. Fully welded. Includes nuts & washers. For Wood and GRP Vessels
  • Un-plated ready to paint, fully welded M10/M16 stud Assembly. Includes nuts & washers. For steel vessels

Backing Sheets for bolt on anodes. They are designed to stop the back of the anode from wasting away, and possibly causing the anode fixings to come loose. It also provides a barrier to help protect GRP hulls from alkalinity that can be produced as part of the cathodic protection process.

Shaft earthing assembly for propeller shafts. Does not include mounting bar. Whether your boat is steel or GRP, to provide the best protection to the stern gear the shaft should be fitted with an MGDUFF Electro Eliminator Brush assembly. The MGDUFF Electro-Eliminators offer the most effective shaft bonding solution. Running directly onto the propeller shaft the electro eliminator puts the anode in constant low resistance contact with the propeller shaft. The copper graphite brushes will give at least 2000 running hours under normal conditions. The electro eliminators will also remove the interference to electronic equipment caused by the rotating shaft.