Toplac Plus

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Toplac Plus is a silicone alkyd premium gloss yacht enamel for all substrates above the waterline. It is easy to apply by roller without the need for tipping. Toplac Plus contains UV filters for increased durability.

  • Improved aesthetics over Toplac in terms of Distinction Of Image (DOI) and flow
  • The new formula eliminates the need for tipping when using a roller
  • Use One UP followed by Toplac Plus to deliver the best in class topcoat system offered by International
Toplac Plus Available Colours

Available Colours

Toplac Plus Available colours

Toplac Plus Technical Datasheet
Technical data excerpt

Suitable for above the waterline Hull
Suitable for below the waterline Hull
Finish/Sheen High Gloss
Substrates Aluminium / Zinc-Galvanised Steel / Epoxy Composite / Carbon Fibre / Cast Iron / GRP / FRP / Lead / Steel / Wood / Bronze / Stainless Steel
Application method
no. of coats
coverage (m²/L)
airless spray Brush 2 – 3 12.0
airless spray Roller 2 – 3 12.0
Pack sizes 750 ml, 2.5 lt

Additional information

Toplac Plus Tin Size

750AA / 750 ml, 2.5AA / 2.5 lt

Toplac Plus Colour

YLK027 Cream, YLK151 Platinum, YLK184 Med White, YLK187 Ivory, YLK265 Rescue Orange, YLK504 Fire Red, YLK194 Oyster White, YLK990 Flag Blue, YLK000 Snow White, YLK198 Matterhorn White, YLK830 Sapphire Blue, YLK993 Oxford Blue, YLK684 Atlantic Grey, YLK991 Mauritius Blue, YLK292 Bounty, YLK101 Yellow, YLK299 Rochelle Red, YLK936 Lauderdale Blue, YLK541 Donegal Green, YLK898 Bondi Blue, YLK999 Jet Black, YLK501 Rustic Red