Seajet Thinner U 1 Litre

£14.31 (ex. VAT)


Recommended for Seajet Briliiance, Seajet Unythane, Seajet Universal Primer and Seajet UV Varnish.
Main benefits Cleaning brushes and spray equipment. Thinning for easier application.
For filling and repair of all areas X
Repair of osmotic blistering X
Suitable for use on gelcoat To degrease and clean
Selective removal of anti-fouling X
Removal of all types of paint X
Pack size 1 Litre
Technical Data Sheets
Key: V Suitable   VV Very Suitable   VVV Ideal   X Unsuitable
Hazards of Seajet Thinner U

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Please check MSDS for details.

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