Roller Bearing Tabscrew Kit for H6 Autoprop

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This Kit Contains all the Necessary Parts to Change the Bearings In Your Propeller


Part Number Quantity Part Description
M40.00X02.50’O’RINGNITRILE70 3 40.0mm Inner Dia x 2.5mm Section “O” Ring Nitrile 70 Shore
BEARING32004X 3 Taper Roller Bearing 32004X
BEARING51110 3 Thrust Race Bearing 51110
H6TSLN 3 H6 Tabscrew Locking Nut
H6LS 3 H6 Roller Bearing Autoprop Seal
M5X6BUTHDSSA4 6 M5 x 6.0mm Button head Screw Stainless Steel A4
H6AN 1 H6 Zinc Anode
M8X25CHHDNY 1 M8 x 25.0mm Cheese Head Screw Nylon
LOCTITE2400MATCHPACK 1 Loctite Threadlocker 2400 x 5ml Blister Pack
M04.50X01.00’O’RINGNITRILE70 6 4.5mm Inner Diameter x 1.0mm Section “O” Ring Nitrile 70 Shore
H6RBTS 3 H6 Roller Bearing Tab Screw

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Weight 500 g