Maxi AMT Fuse (Dual Pack) 20A – 100A

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Maxi AMT Fuse (Dual Pack) 20A – 100A

2 Fuses Per Pack

Product Part Number Maxi AMT AMPS
AMT20D 20A
AMT30D 30A
AMT40D 40A
AMT50D 50A
AMT60D 60A
AMT70D 70A
AMT80D 80A
AMT90D 90A
AMT100D 100A
AMTMP Multi Pack – 1 of each of the above dual packs (18 fuses)


Each of these fuses are sold as dual packs, IE each one will contain two of the fuses listed.

The exception to this is the multipack. Multipacks contain 2 of each fuse listed (Or, in other words, one of each dualpack)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Fuse Size

20A x 2, 30A x 2, 40A x 2, 50A x 2, 60A x 2, 70A x 2, 80A x 2, 90A x 2, 100A x 2, 1 of each Maxi AMT Fuses Dual Pack as a Multi Pack (18 fuses)

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