Interthane 990 Polyurethane High Gloss


A two component, high gloss, polyurethane finish, Interthane 990 provides excellent durability and flexible application. With an over 20 years’ global track record, Interthane 990 is a trusted solution providing extended recoat windows, long term protection and aesthetics retention in new construction and maintenance.


Product Chemistry Polyurethane
Volume Solids 57%
VOC content (EPA method) 420 g/lt
Colour Options Available on Chromascan
Maximum Dry film thickness 75 μm
Minimum Dry film thickness 50 μm
Number of components Multi pack
Dry time (at 15°C) 10 Hours
Low Temperature Cure (at 5°C) 24 Hours


Tin Size: 5, 20 Litres
Curing Agent: 1, 3.7 Litres

Colour and International Code:

  • Curing Agent PHA046/1LT/3.7LT/R9
  • Deep Colours PHA100/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Light Colours PHA130/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Light Colours PHA140/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Yellow Colours PHA150/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Orange Base PHA191/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • White PHB000/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Sand PHB125/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Yellow PHB134/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Ensign Red PHB295/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Caribbean Blue PHC935/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Stone PHD053/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • International Orange PHD260/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Tropical Blue PHD441/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Signal Blue PHD913/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Buff PHE143/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Ocean Blue PHE992/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Eau De Nil PHF384/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Estuary Green PHF445/A20LT/R9
  • Surf Grey PHF684/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Pearl Grey PHH017/A20LT/R9
  • French Grey PHJ724/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Storm Grey PHK724/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Red PHL274/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Signal Green PHL549/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Orange PHM62E/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Mid Graphite PHT806/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Signal Red PHX54F/A5LT/A20LT/R8
  • Black PHY999/A5LT/A20LT/R9
  • Black PHZ999/A5LT/R9

Interthane 990 Technical Data Sheet

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Additional information

Interthane 990 Tin Size

1 Litre (1LT/R9), 3.7 Litres (3.7LT/R9), 5 Litres (A5LT/R9), 20 Litres (A20LT/R9)

Interthane 990 Colour

Curing Agent PHA046, Black PHY999, Black PHZ999, Mid Graphite PHT806, Signal Red PHX54F, Deep Colours PHA100, Yellow PHB134, Light Colours PHA130, Light Colours PHA140, Buff PHE143, Caribbean Blue PHC935, Eau De Nil PHF384, Ensign Red PHB295, Estuary Green PHF445, French Grey PHJ724, International Orange PHD260, Ocean Blue PHE992, Orange Base PHA191, Orange PHM62E, Pearl Grey PHH017, Red PHL274, Sand PHB125, Signal Blue PHD913, Signal Green PHL549, Stone PHD053, Yellow Colours PHA150, Storm Grey PHK724, Surf Grey PHF684, Tropical Blue PHD441, White PHB000