Interstores Alkyd Primer


Primers / Tie Coats – Alkyd Primer

Note: Interstores Alkyd Primer is replacing Interprime 198 Alkyd Primer

A quick drying, one pack primer. Interstores Alkyd Primer is surface tolerant, compatible with most substrates and can be overcoated with a wide range of finishes.


Volume Solids 48%
VOC content (EPA method) 412 g/lt
Product technology Alkyd Primer


Tin Size: 5, 20 Litres

Colour and International Code:

  • White ISA710/5LT/20LT
  • Grey ISA720/5LT/20LT
  • Red ISA730/5LT/20LT

Interstores Alkyd Primer Technical Datasheet

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