Interlac 665 Alkyd Gloss


A one pack alkyd gloss finish.


Volume Solids 48%
VOC content (EPA method) 420 g/lt
Product technology Alkyd Finish


Tin Size: 5, 20 Litres

Colour and International Code:

  • Deep Colours CLA106/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Medium Colours CLA121/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Light Colours CLA131/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Yellows CLA151/5LT/20LT/R1
  • White CLB000/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Sand CLB125/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Yellow CLB134/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Ensign Red CLB295/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Off White CLC018/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Signal Red CLC287/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Caribbean Blue CLC935/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Stone CLD053/5LT/20LT/R1
  • International Orange CLD260/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Tropical Blue CLD441/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Signal Blue CLD913/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Buff CLE143/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Ocean Blue CLE992/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Eau-De-Nil CLF384/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Estuary Green CLF445/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Surf Grey CLF684/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Pearl Grey CLH017/5LT/20LT/R1
  • French Grey CLJ724/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Storm Grey CLK724/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Red CLL274/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Signal Green CLL549/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Teak CLM231/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Dark Admiralty Grey CLR764/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Mid Graphite CLT806/5LT/20LT/R1
  • Black CLY999/5LT/20LT/R1

Interlac 665 Technical Datasheet

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Additional information

Interlac 665 Tin Size

5 Litres (5LT/R1), 20 Litres (20LT)

Interlac 665 Colour

Signal Blue CLD913, Black CLY999, Buff CLE143, Caribbean Blue CLC935, Dark Admiralty Grey CLR764, Deep Colours CLA106, Eau-De-Nil CLF384, Ensign Red CLB295, Estuary Green CLF445, French Grey CLJ724, International Orange CLD260, Light Colours CLA131, Medium Colours CLA121, Mid Graphite CLT806, Ocean Blue CLE992, Off White CLC018, Pearl Grey CLH017, Red CLL274, Sand CLB125, Signal Green CLL549, Signal Red CL9D04, Signal Red CLC287, Stone CLD053, Storm Grey CLK724, Surf Grey CLF684, Teak CLM231, Tropical Blue CLD441, White CLB000, Yellow CLB134, Yellows CLA151