Hempel’s Underwater Primer 26030

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Hempel’s Underwater Primer 26030 is a physically drying paint dissolved in mineral spirit and pigmented with aluminium flakes.

Use Hempel’s Underwater Primer as part of a single component system below the waterline, including keels; and as a tiecoat before antifouling. Can be applied directly onto the hull or a primed surface, and between an existing antifouling and a new antifouling. Fast-drying with excellent waterproofing.

Excellent waterproofing properties, for use on all substrates – including keels and as a primer or tiecoat for antifoulings. For use below the waterline.

Area of use: 

  • As a tie-coat between epoxy and physically drying coatings.
  • As a sealer for old antifouling.

Tin Size: 750ml, 2.5ltr


spraygun roller paint pad brush

Temp Touch dry Re-coat (min/max) Thinner/Tool cleaner Covers
10ºC 6 hrs 6 hrs–indefinite Thinner No.1 (brush) 7.8 m²/ltr
20ºC 3 hrs 3 hrs–indefinite

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Hempel Tin Size

750ml, 2.5ltr