Hempel’s Light Primer 45551

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Hempel’s Light Primer is a two component high performance epoxy primer and undercoat for use both above and below the waterline. Use on glassfibre, wood, steel and aluminium. Superb corrosion, impact and water resistance. Use before Ocean Gloss/PolyGloss/Brilliant Gloss topcoat for a long-lasting solution. Can also be used for osmosis protection when application is required at low temperatures.

High build two pack epoxy primer and undercoat. For use above and below the waterline.

Tin Size: 375ml, 750ml, 2.25ltr

Minimum application temperature: 5°C


spraygun roller paint pad brush

TempTouch dryRe-coat (min/max)Thinner/Tool cleanerCovers
10°C8 hrs8 hrs–60 daysThinner No.58.2 m²/ltr
20°C4 hrs4 hrs–30 days

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Hempel Tin Size

375ml, 750ml, 2.5ltr

Hempel Colour

11630 Off White, 12170 Stone Grey, 19990 Black, 30180 Blue