Hempel’s Alu Prop NCT 7473A

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Hempel’s Alu Prop NCT is high performance, self-polishing antifouling. Hempel’s patented binder technology ensures outstanding fouling protection and colour retention all season. Especially suited for aluminium boats. As an antifouling for boats of glass fibre, wood, plywood, steel and aluminium vessels.

Tin Size: 750ml, 2.5ltr


brushpaint padroller

Temp Touch dry Re-coat (min/max) Thinner/Tool cleaner Covers
10°C 4 hrs 8 hrs – none Thinner No 3 13 m2/l
20°C 2 hrs 4 hrs – none


Product Data Sheet

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Hempel Tin Size

750ml, 2.5ltr

Hempel Colour

10430 Volvo Penta Grey, 19990 Black