Gelshield 200

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Gelshield 200 is a quick drying and easy to apply epoxy primer, that protects GRP against osmosis. You can use it down to just 5°C and as it’s fast drying, you can apply multiple coats in one day.

  • Provides protection against osmosis in five coats (250 µm).
  • It’s fast dry times means you can apply multiple coats in one day
  • Very easy to apply and can be used down to 5°C

Gelshield 200 Technical Datasheet
Technical data excerpt

Suitable for above the waterline Hull
Suitable for below the waterline Hull
Finish/Sheen Matt
Substrates GRP / FRP
Suitable for aluminium propellers x
Application method
no. of coats
coverage (m²/L)
airless spray Brush 5 8.10
airless spray Roller 5 8.10
Pack sizes 750 ml, 2.5 lt

Additional information

Gelshield 200 Tin Size

A750AA / 750 ml, A2.5AA / 2.5 lt

Gelshield 200 Colour

YPA212 Green, YPA213 Grey