Epoxy Antifouling Tie Coat

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A two pack, tar free, epoxy tie coat. For use as a tie coat between anticorrosives and antifoulings to ensure maximum system adhesion and performance.

  • Suitable for use on Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair projects.
  • Extended (up to 5 days) antifouling overcoating interval.

Epoxy Antifouling Tie Coat Technical Datasheet

Suitable for below the waterline
Finish/Sheen None
Substrates Other
Application method
no. of coats
coverage (m²/L)
note airless spray Airless Spray
brush Brush
roller Roller
note  * Method for professional use only
Pack sizes 5 lt, 20lt

Additional information

Epoxy Antifouling Tie Coat

YPA950/5LT Light Grey Part A – 4 LT, YPA950/20LT Light Grey Part A – 16LT, YPA955/1LT Part B – 1 LT, YPA955/5LT Part B – 4LT