Diesel Duck – Water & Sludge Removal

£3,500.00 (ex. VAT)


Diesel fuel de-watering and polishing unit, portable, fully automatic and self contained.

The best diesel dewatering and fuel polishing system is now available in a portable carry-on case. Specifically aimed at businesses or Marinas who have customers that require diesel tanks to be cleaned of sludge and any water. The Diesel Duck has a 12v battery and is very simple to operate. It can be hired to boat owners who can clean their own tanks for a fraction of the cost of a “man with a van” and their “polishing” kit. The Diesel Duck is ideal for fuel transfer or to remove water from diesel thus avoiding diesel bug.

* Removes free & emulsified water
* Up to 1 hours continuous battery operation
* Self-contained, will clean/polish 1000 litres
* Removes contaminants to 2 microns
* 14 litres per minute pump
* Simple to use quick release couplings
* Can be used on-board without an external power supply

Diesel Duck Brochure.

Dimensions: 39cm (h) x 50cm (w) x 19cm (d)

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