C1750A 1 3/4 inch Streamlined Shaft Anode (2-60512A)

£29.42 (ex. VAT)


Aluminum shaft anode with 2 halves and stainless steel hardware.

Replaces X8

Nuts are pressed into the casting and bolts are captured with plastic retaining washers to easy assembly.

Performance Metals Navalloy® aluminum anodes are manufactured to the military specification MIL-DTL 24779 and are suitable for use in all water types- salt, brackish or fresh.

Anode includes the exclusive, patented “red spot” wear indicator.


A – 1 3/4″  44mm

B – 3 1/4″  83mm

C – 2 7/8″ 73mm

Weight: 1.15 lbs (0.52 Kg)

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Weight 520 g