Ampro Colloidal Silica 500ml | Approx 1 Litre Container

£4.10 (ex. VAT)


Waterproof Resin Thickener

  • Fine waterproof, white powder, used to thicken the epoxy system
  • Can be used with Glass Bubbles, Microballoons and Microfibres
  • Refer to the AMPRO datasheet for recommended mixes

Colloidal Silica is the most common material for modifying the flow properties of a resin mix. A fine powder which is added in conjunction with other fillers to thicken and reduce their flow on vertical surfaces, increase thixotropy.

Collodial Silica is an agent used to control the thixotropy ‘Sag’ characteristics of a resin system. Adding the powder in varying amounts to the resin mix containing other types of filler, the handling and flow characteristics can be controlled. Adding small quantities to the resin mix already containing glass bubbles and microballoons will give non sag properties and easier handling. Collodial Silica is recommended to be added in small quantities, due to it’s hardening properties. Increased quantities added to a mixture hardens the product making it difficult to sand.