A262 Waterproof Contact Adhesive 2 Part 250ml Tin

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A262 Waterproof Contact Adhesive is a quality, high performance neoprene adhesive.

It can be used as either a single or two part adhesive. This depends on the materials to be bonded and the bond strengths required.

A262 Waterproof Contact Adhesive was developed primarily for use with A262 curing agent to bond a range of rubbers and rubber coated fabrics. (e.g. neoprene, hypalon, natural rubber, etc) in inflatable constructions such as life rafts, dinghies, high-speed inflatables, RIB’s etc. It may be also be used in the manufacture of dry and wet suits for the bonding of rubber or nylon coated fabrics to themselves.

A262 Safety Data Sheet

A262 Material Data Sheet

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