SP Colloidal Silica

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Fine powder which can be added to existing filler mixes to reduce “sag“ and improve handling characteristics, making it particularly useful on vertical surfaces.

Gurit SP Colloidal Silica is a resin agent that is used to control the thixotropy or ‘sag’ characteristics of a resin system. It improves handling, flow and control of epoxy resin.

By adding Colloidal Silica powder in varying amounts to a resin mix containing other filler types (such as SP Glass Bubbles or SP Microballoons) the handling and flow characteristics can be controlled. Relatively small quantities added to a resin mix containing SP Glass Bubbles or SP Microballoons will give a non-sag properties and impart easier handling.

Colloidal Silica can also used with SP Microfibres to produce a mix suitable for use as a high strength, non-sagging structure adhesive, particularly for non-absorbent materials such as GRP. The inclusion of colloidal silica has the effect of increasing the hardeness of the resulting mix which will create more difficulty when sanding. Foe this reason Colloidal Silica is usually added in the minimum quantities to any mix for which sanding is anticipated. In some applications this feature can be used to an advantage, for example to create a hard wearing edge or surface.

Pack Size: 250g

Quantity 250g
Composition Silicon Dioxide
Appearance White Powder
Particle Size 0.012 microns
Bulk Density 50g/Litre (Approximately)