Seajet 118 Ultra-Build Epoxy Primer

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Recommended asProtecting against gelcoat blistering. Metal surfaces where preperation is not ideal.
Main benefitsHigh build, fewer applications are required. Suitable for all areas of the boat. Tough, durable finish.
Most suitable for fibreglass and ferrocementXX
Most suitable for woodX
Most suitable for aluminiumX
Most suitable for steelXX
Most suitable for osmosis preventionXXX
Most suitable for propellers, stern gear etc.X
Most suitable for cast iron, steel or lead keelsXX
ColoursSilver Bronze
Coverage rate when rolling17.8m²/lt
Pack size2.5lt
Technical Data Sheets
Key: X Suitable   XX Very Suitable   XXX Ideal   X Unsuitable

Hazards of Seajet 118 Ultra-build Epoxy Primer base

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Hazards of Seajet 118 Ultra-build Epoxy Primer hardener

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Please check MSDS for details.

Additional information

Seajet 118 Comp

Comp A 2.21 Litre, Comp B 0.29 Litre

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