Interline 925


The excellent pit filling properties and edge coverage of Interline 925 ensure total coverage of the tank in a single coat, improving tank turn-around times. With an extensive track record of outstanding performance globally, Interline 925 is a heavy duty solvent-free epoxy lining providing excellent corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks containing a wide range of products, such as crude oil, white oils and potable water.


Product Chemistry Epoxy
Volume Solids 100%
VOC content (EPA method) 125 g/lt
Colour Options Limited range
Maximum Dry film thickness 600 μm
Minimum Dry film thickness 300 μm
Number of components Multi pack
Attributes Solvent Free
Dry time (at 15°C) 24 Hours


Tin Size: 20 Litres

Colour and International Code:

  • Cream THA126
  • White THA127

Interline 925 Technical Datasheet

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