Hempel’s Ecopower Cruise 72460

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Hempel’s EcoPower Cruise is a biocide free bottom paint protecting the epoxy coating from fouling.
An advanced binder technology controls the self-renewing effect throughout the season.
Eliminates copper leakage from old antifouling when used together with Hempel’s Underwater Primer.
Compatible with conventional antifouling coatings and can be used on all substrates including aluminium.

Maximum launch time 9 months.

Tin Size: 2.5ltr

Colours: White 10000, True Blue 30390, Black 19990, Red 56460

roller paint pad brush

Temp Touch dry Re-coat (min/max) Thinner/Tool cleaner Covers
10°C 8 h 8h – none Thinner No.3 4,3m²/
20°C 4 h 4h – none

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Hempel Colour

10000 White, 19990 Black, 30390 True Blue, 56460 Red

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