Protecting Marine Vessels with Quality Anodes & Paints


GUK Manufacturing is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of protective coatings serving the retail, commercial, general marine, offshore and military markets.

Our expertise in both engineering and chemical R&D has helped shape our current product lines. Seamlessly merging cutting edge technology with seasoned marine professionals offers our clients and customers unparalleled access to the coatings they need to prevent corrosion and marine fouling.GUK Marine Coatings are at the forefront of propeller antifouling systems and corrosion control catering for retail and commercial markets.ACW Coatings have been designed to combat the corrosive and costly power of nature ensuring your machinery, structures and vessels continue to function and perform at optimum capability.
Marine Rope Cutters manufactured from high grade (316) Stainless Steel a powerful and effective solution for retail and commercial clients.

Prices correct as of March 2017. All prices are +VAT.

We are only able to ship marine paint/coatings within the UK.

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