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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems

The MGDuff system converts the ship's a.c. supply into a controlled low voltage d.c. output, which is then delivered onto the metal surface by long life anodes attached to, but insulated from the hull structure. Various factors affect the amount of current required, therefore to ensure the correct level of protection is accurately controlled it is necesary to measure the potential of the steel against a known and reliable reference cell.This potential is monitored by reference electrodes mounted on the underwater hull surface. The number of electrodes and their locations is carefully selected in conjunction with the anode configuration and hull geometry. Solid state circuitry within an automatic control unit compares the reference potential against a desired an pre-set optimum. Any difference between these will induce a resultant error signal, which is electronically conditioned to provide suitable regulation of the d.c. power supply to the anodes.

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