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hanging Anodes

Anode on wire pennant. Secure to metal part and hang over side. For additional protection especially in marinas.
Normally used as temporary protection during fitting out or when the anode requires visual monitoring. 

The improved hanging anode range features an interchangeable system allowing anode replacement without disturbing the fixed part of the bonding cable.
Convenient when moored in differing water types, the correct anode material may be selected whilst only using one hanging cable. The kit consists of 4m red PVC coated galvanized cable with an M10 terminal, a plastic mount and two reusable rubber tie wraps for easy coiling and storage.

What Are Hanging Anodes?
Hanging anodes are an alternative method to hull mounted anodes and will provide the same cathodic protection for all types of water craft whether GRP, steel or wood. Most leisure craft are constructed of GRP and the following information is based on this type of vessel. Hanging anodes can also be used to protect sail drives, stern drives and even outboards. The anode is hung over the side of the craft and the cable is connected inside the vessel to provide continuity to the underwater items to be protected.
Traditional hanging anodes have the wire cast into the anode material and once consumed the whole system has to be disposed of. The hanging anode range from MGDUFF features an interchangeable anode system allowing the replacement of the anode material without disturbing the bonding system. This is particularly useful when a craft is moored in differing water types as the system allows the correct anode material to be selected whilst only using one hanging cable. It can also be used to back up existing anode systems. Another advantage is the anode can be checked by simply lifting the anode out of the water and visually inspecting it for wear.
Hanging anodes are only to be used when the vessel is moored. When underway, coil the cable and secure with the supplied reusable rubber tie wraps. Store the anode and cable away until required. Never start an engine with a hanging anode deployed, the anode my be drawn into the propeller and cause damage.

Hanging Anode Kit
The complete system comprises of galvanised cable with a bright red pvc outer. Two re-useable rubber tie wraps are included to help store the anode when not in use. The included cable mount is designed to be secured to the vessel and must take the weight of the anode. The electrical connection is made via a robust m10 terminal.

Replacement Hanging Anode
Once the anode is 85% consumed, it can be simply unscrewed and a new anode fitted, retaining the existing cable.

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