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MGDuff Shaft Earthing Systems meet the requirements of BS Code of Practice CP 1021 as well as major engine manufacturer's recommendations. The shaft earthing systems provides a direct connection from a steel ship's hull to the propeller, extending the ships cathodic protection to this large unprotected area. It can also be used on GRP vessels to provide continuity from the hull mounted anodes to the prop and shaft. The highly efficient silver tracked slip rings and silver graphite brushes also reduce the effect of arcing by reducing the potential across the shaft/hull to less than 50 mV. Spark erosion can lead to pitting and striping of white metal bearing surfaces. Slip rings are available for shafts of 100mm diameter and upwards.
The effectiveness of the shaft bonding may be monitored by an optional Shaft Condition Monitor. The condition monitoring system provides a permanent and readily available indication on the condition and therefore, effectiveness of the shaft bonding system.
Measurement of the shaft is achieved by using the installation of a single Monitoring Brush which runs on the main bonding slip ring, but has its own brush gear mounted on a separate INSULATED spindle.

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