Protecting Marine Vessels with Quality Anodes & Paints

bolt on Anodes

Disc Anodes
The MGDUFF disc anode range is an ideal solution for protecting your rudder, trim tabs and other more refined parts of your vessel from corrosion.

Bolt On Anodes
MGDUFF bolt on hull anodes have a variety of stud centers and hole diameters to suit all European and American designed boats. Bolt on anodes are a quick and effective way to secure anodes to your vessel, without the need for any specialist tools. MGDUFF have a full range of fixing solutions to suit your vessel.

MGDUFF anodes are either "stud fixed" or "weld on" types.

The "stud fixed" anodes with a steel to steel connection are recommended for yachts and similar small craft or on craft with high quality coatings where repeated grinding off and welding on of new anodes would damage coatings. Also on vessels where anodes may be renewed underwater or where welding equipment may not be available.

"Weld on" anodes are recommended on vessels where a long life anode scheme is fitted or where the anodes may be subject to considerable abrasion, vibration or other physical disturbance. For guaranteed continuity and a 100% secure fixing, a welded connection is best. All MGDuff Zinc anodes are supplied with a cast-in steel core bars.

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