Protecting Marine Vessels with Quality Anodes & Paints

Bruntons IonGuard

Suitable for all types of commercial and leisure vessels IonGuard is our new and innovative solution to the age old problem of finding out whether or not your anodes are working properly, without the considerable expense of slipping the vessel or hiring a diver.

The through hull fitting allows the IonGuard unit, complete with its anode, to be drawn into the boat for inspection, and if necessary, changing. IonGuard is continually on duty monitoring stray electrical current activity and guarding against it. On smaller boats IonGuard, correctly fitted, is all the protection you will require. On larger vessels IonGuard enables regular inspections to be carried out giving peace of mind that expensive sterngear is being fully protected from the ravages of electrolysis.

Racing yachts and fast motor yachts looking to reduce drag to the minimum, can retract their IonGuard unit when underway and re-deploy it for full protection at the end of the day.

Vessels moving from saline to fresh water should use anodes of different material and changing them to the right type could not be easier with IonGuard. 

With anodes and fittings available to suit all types of yachts and working vessels IonGuard really is the inexpensive solution to a potentially very expensive problem. Much more information is available from the links opposite.

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